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Storage space and rates
In the table below you can find our storage options and rates. We grant 20% student discount (holders of Finnish or international student card).

Size m2

Rent per month

in euros

 Exact measure

(width x depth)


 25  0,9 x 1,2


 50  1,9 x 1,2


 75  1,9 x 1,9


 125  1,9 x 4,0


 170  2,9 x 4,0


 200  3,8 x 4,0
In above table also exact measures are provided in order to make it easier to plan. The size of the door in all storages is 0.97m x 2.24m (i.e. 3'2 x 7'4).
Storage space is rented on monthly basis, the period can start any day of the month. The customer can end the contract with one full rent period prior notice. When starting the contract, a guarantee rent worth of one month's rent is collected (along with first month's rent). This sum is returned to customer after the contract has ended and the storage has been emptied and remains in good (i.e. original) condition.